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Participant Education

Our firm focuses on creating participant education offerings that are engaging, effective, meaningful, and relevant. Our retirement readiness analysis provides insight into the retirement readiness of each participant's personal situation. We also create custom education programs that allow participants to grow their knowledge and feel confident when making financial decisions. We offer a variety of methods for participants to receive ongoing education pertaining to retirement, budgeting, saving, managing credit, education planning and other personal finance topics.

PWA Financial's participant education program offerings include:

  • On-Site Education - Our advisors provide on-site presentations covering a variety of topics including but not limited to: retirement, budgeting, saving, debt management, and education planning. Our on-site presentations allow for participants to interact with advisors on a personal level, gain valuable information relating to personal finance topics, and learn about the benefits of the retirement plan and how to utilize them for their personal situation.
  • Retirement Readiness Analysis - Our firm provides an individual retirement readiness analysis for plan participants which creates a snapshot of the participant’s current progress towards retirement, and provides actionable alternatives to become retirement ready. To provide personalized analysis, the retirement readiness analysis uses current participant information, assumptions for factors impacting retirement, and specific information related to plan features. The retirement readiness analysis provides clear insight into a participant's current outlook for meeting their retirement goals, and serves as a starting to point to answer the important question...."Am I ready to retire?"